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Purple dawn & Saturn cosmology Episode 4 part 1


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The Jupiter myth

Did Nikola Tesla Know the Knowledge of the Ancient Atlanteans ?

I found this interesting, don't know if I agree with everything, but it is a good listen if you are into Tesla and the story of Atlantis, things don't exist for nothing. There has to be something to it.

Universe - Episode 1 - The Cosmology Quest - The Electric Universe and P...

Once one finds this information one can glean a whole new view of the cosmos

Electric Universe: A Collision-Free Zone | Space News


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Peter Moddel: What Can Matter Be? | Space News

I decided to take my baseball to another venue, I realize that my more serious truth-seeking side doesn't need to get all twisted up with my Baseball nostalgia nut side, so I put together something that it is right now I'm not exactly sure I just usually dive in head first and figure it out as I go, a trial by fire if you will, so, from here on out my baseball stuff will  be here it will all go there. That way, I can focus on more important things on anything from cosmology to what's getting really good results for our health and everything in between. Thanks for taking the time to read this and well, everything! Thanks for hanging out with me so to say.

E.T. FOUND? Russians Detect "STRONG" Mystery Signal From Space! 8/29/16

This guy has a very interesting youtube channel check it out sometime. He does not engage in wide-eyed speculation or fear tactics. But is still very interesting stuff.

Worried about Nibiru? watch this, Do Impacts Really Cause Mass Extinctions? | Space News

There has been a quiet revolution going on in Cosmology for the past 20 plus years. It is quiet because mainstream cosmology keeps sweeping it under the rug, and the major networks are told to ignore it. One can learn many things when digging for the truth. Common sense is always so common. This is just plain common sense.

The Electrical Birth, Life, and Death of Stars | Space News


1984 Detroit Tigers vs 1985 KC Royals 2nd round 80's Simulation

Please excuse me, I am Still on my baseball binge at the moment. Have to finish what I started.For me, Baseball history is one place I know I'm getting the truth and I just find it damn interesting. There must be more folks out there like me. I am using 3 sim games for these sims, they are Strat-o-Matic, action PC, and Out of the Park 18. I began the seeding for the 1980's tournament in a different way than I was doing before. Instead of simming for spots I go by the teams regular season won-lost record and for this decade it went Like this;

1. 86 Mets   108-54  .667

 2.84 Tigers  104-58. 642

 3 .89 A's        99  63   611

 4. 83 Orioles    98 64.  .605

 5.88 Dodgers  98-67   .584

  6. 81 Dodgers 63-47 .573   Strike shortened season.

  7. 82 Cards     92- 70 .568

   8. 85 Royals   91 - 71.562

   8.. 80 Phillies 91- 71 .562

   10. 87 Twins   85 =77 .525

I will make another attempt with managing the Tigers but I'm thinkin' right now the  Tigers are one of the favor…

60's Finals Mclain twirls Gem, Horton ,McAuliffe homer , Tigers beat Yanks 4-1

Reporting from Strat-o-Matic heaven, action sports replay-Nostalgic baseball.
Once again the Detroit Tigers of 1968 have met the challenge and overcame their biggest obstacle to date, in the championship of the 1960's finals by defeating the powerful, heavily favored 61 New York Yankees 4-1 today in game 1 of the finals at Yankee stadium. Denny Mclain (31-6 1.96)   Went the distance scattering 5 hits giving up 1 earned run, Striking out 8 Yankees on his way to his 3rd straight victory in the Tournament against 0 losses. The lone run Mclain surrendered was a Home run off the bat of Yankee slugger Roger Maris (3). The Tigers got started early when Dick McAuliffe sent Whitey Fords first pitch of the game sailing into the stands in center field for his 2nd homer of the tourney to make it 1-0.

Then Maris's homer in the bottom of the 4th tied the score at 1. Mclain and Ford battled it out until The top of the 6th when Mickey Stanley playing shortstop drew a walk then went to 3rd on…

68 Detroit Tigers over 69 Amazin' Mets 7-2 on Strat-o-Matic Baseball

Cash, Northrup homer as 68 Tigers roar past Mets!

The 1960's World champion tournament action replay, nostalgic baseball Strat-o-Matic..Stormin' Norman Cash and Jim Northrup both homered while veteran southpaw Mickey Lolich 217-191 3.44  went the distance striking out 7 Mets, plus added 2 RBI's with his bat, as the 68 Detroit Tigers rolled to a 7-2 victory over the 69 Amazin' Mets of New York in their 60's tournament battle yesterday at Shea stadium. Lolich the clutch pitching hero and MVP of the 68 World series (RL) did it all in yesterday's April 3 game. Historically Mickey has always been a big game pitcher and always seems to rise to the occasion. "You can always count on Mickey giving you his best when you need it the most", Said the Tiger manager after the win in the clubhouse.Mickey always a decent hitter as pitchers go once hit a huge 2 run HR( the only career dinger of his career) in the World series. Mickey Chipped in with his bat, getting …

An old Passion is back along with a history lesson

Update Finals 23 Yankees vs 25 Pirates
Welcome, to my current project, to play out every world series winner
in MLB history to find a champion.  I have to admit, I had no idea I would learn so many things as I delved into this era. But, when I delve into something I like to try to do my best to taste it,what it was like to live back then and I know I can't do that but I have discovered so much about this decade and still barley scratched the surface I know.This was my Father's era ,he was living in Detroit. Born in 1912 and in the 20's he was in his late childhood and teens, I always think about that. Along the way I have learned many things already about the history of the game, players that I never knew much about other than their names.World series teams,their victories and struggles. As well as what the world looked like back in the 1920's.

 I do my best to share with anyone who may be interested in these things like I d…


ANUNNAKI GOLD OF THE PINE CONE GODS STAR FIRE Hello, I wanted to give a hearty Happy new year to all of you. I have not been able to get much free time to write blogs lately. I have been very busy with the kids and life in general, I usually do my truth seeking in the early mornings. There is something about getting up at 3:30 - 4 am that is perfect for coffee and contemplation. If you have been to my blog before you know that I am searching for the big answers. What is life all about? Where did we come from? How do we handle the stress of everyday life and stay healthy in a world full of toxicity? The biggest of the big what happens to us when we leave this mortal coil? Nobody gets out alive, heh. When I see certain things I sometimes feel a certain responsibility to share the knowledge not just retain it for my own purposes. Help to provide a public service to people who may be just looking for some truth. I may write about relationships, health, Sports especially baseball a passion…